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I don't say good things very well....I'm sure you know that. So I'll point out some stuff I noticed.

One is that you need to be careful with your reverb tails and/or amounts. Like for example right around 9 seconds theres an extremely brief end the reverb tail before the next chord hits and it makes it sound a bit artificial. There were a lot of places with similar unnatural sounding pauses due to either there not being enough reverb, or too short of a tail.

The next thing is that the song seems to lack a theme to hold onto. There are a lot of catchy parts but all on their own. Not enough repetition to get me humming the song afterwards. There needs to be more reference to a central idea for a song so short.

Siguente (that means next in spanish!), the instruments felt like they were a bit strange panning-wise in the mix. I recommend checking out my ridiculously long thread about orchestration for details on that.

Siguente tambien, transitions seemed in general a bit too sudden. Things didnt flow into each other. It was always like....pause...next section.....pause.....next section (with some exceptions of course).

Last but not least, longer notes need more things happening emotionally. A sustained string note will sound much more natural with some expression changes such as tone/volume/vibrato amount. Just some natural swaying.

Cheers sir!

- Breed

Great sounding productions mate. I have a few tips for creating a demo reel such as this. I personally prefer having all originals but I definitely see the use in showing your ability to emulate other tracks. Either way, I find it useful to make a cue sheet for the demo and let people know a little bit about each clip, or at least a title and place to hear it on its own if its available. This way people will know which are originals and which are emulations. In general though you will get better responses with the effort to show greater detail then just what the audio provides. Take it with a grain of salt, but that is my opinion on them.

Planet of the Apes emulation did sound fantastic BTW.


- LD Mike -

Love the duduk

I am absolutely in love with that old Armenian instrument....I first heard it in the score for the move 'Gladiator.' It makes for a wonderful sorrowful timbre. I think you could work on the articulations of the duduk a little more, because some parts sound a little sampled (but actually its pretty good for what I've heard of the duduk). I also think the strings could use a little more stereo seperation, it kind of sounds like they are all centered. Also the attack of the strings could maybe use a little more time since its a slow piece. I do like the harmony you have going in them though.

Do you have any plans to extend this piece? It ends pretty soon for not being a loop in my opinion.

Overall great!


sorohanro responds:

I plan to do some more stuff with it but at the moment the biggest problem I have with the strings, way to "fat", too big, to "Hollywood" and not matching the soft timbre of the duduk.
I'm in need of a more thin sound, more like Baroque chamber music. If you know a library with smaller ensembles and no vibrato please let me know.

Thanks for review.

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