Entry #10


2013-03-10 03:53:54 by Breed

Greetings Fellow Newgrounders,

Logical Defiance Productions will be doing the audio, headed by yours truly, for an upcoming mobile game by the name of "Super Squirrels." It's a very historically accurate game about squirrels learning their environment and surviving. The story features four main characters in four actual locations. Let me just start off by saying the artwork is pretty outstanding.

I do however need to call attention to the fundraising. We are having trouble so far building to our goal on kickstarter. Any and all help is much appreciated. Donate as little as a dollar for the sake of newgrounds art!

The game has already received attention from both Bradley Horowitz (VP of Google+) and even Tom Fulp who has taken an interest (being the awesome person he is). Check out the kickstarter here.

Thanks for your time, and stay classy,


- Mike Breed



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2013-10-31 22:59:13

This looks like a game I want to play lol